Monday, February 19, 2007

Oh, Matt and Harriet . . .

I’ve held on through the entire season of Studio 60. It’s been a pretty steady diet of disappointment, a weekly witness to the failure of the very talented Aaron Sorkin to find compelling expression or engaging storytelling in his world of late night comedy. Joining Lance Mannion's Monday Night Live Blogging Party has added a funny, insightful dimension to the experience, for which I am deeply grateful to Lance.

Now the show is in a planned—although slightly early—hiatus. Maybe Sorkin will regroup. It’s hard to know what even he finds satisfying in the series. The words “Matt and Harriet have NO CHEMISTRY” have been typed/blogged/semaphored more than any other words in history, and from that fact, where can anything go? What magic can you create?

As we leave the Studio 60 gang to their holiday, I invite you to spend a moment with two characters whose chemistry is legendary.

4/2/07: We have a new video of chemistry highlights, this time to the melodic voice of Karen Carpenter's "Won't Last a Day without You."


Lance Mannion said...

There may have been no better TV couple!

Well, except for Rob and Laura.