Friday, August 10, 2007

QQF: The New Yorker Cartoon Contest

Update 8/12: Here's what I submitted:

"One small breakthrough in the lab, and he insisted he gets to go to Disneyland."

I have been repeatedly unloved by the New Yorker cartoon judges, but I will not give up.

Join in yourself. You can enter your caption here. I'm still thinking about mine. We have until Sunday night at midnight.


Tim Footman said...

My favourite New Yorker cartoon was one from about 1970. Two commuters on the subway, reading their papers. One says to the other:

"Laos? Cambodia? Why can't we stay in Vietnam, where we belong?"

The names change, but the story stays the same.

M.A.Peel said...

I didn't know New Yorker cartoons once had such a political bent.

But Tim, this anecdote isn't helping me with a caption for the current puzzle. It's a tough one.