Thursday, October 25, 2007

Steve Martin Comes On Board

Well, not knowingly. But the gang at newcritics is running this comedy blog-a-thon , Nov. 6 to 11, during an all-comedy posts week, and Steve is kindly coming out with his memoir next month, Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life, which is excerpted in the Oct. 29 New Yorker. Is newcritics a thought leader or what?

Here’s more info about the call for the blog-a-thon posts: “Tell us the purest comedic experience you have ever had.” Post your piece to your own site, but send me the permalink at, between November 6 and 11, (which we picked to coincide with the New York Comedy Festival.) I’ll then post all the links at newcritics, with a little commentary.

In the New Yorker excerpt, Steve Martin talks about his earliest days of performing, circa 1965, which has a nice parallel to blogging:

“Standup comedy felt like an open door. It was possible to assemble a few minutes of material and be onstage that week, as opposed to standing in line in the mysterious world of Hollywood, getting no response, no phone calls returned, and no opportunity to perform.”

Martin got out there and did comedy. We bloggers get out there and write. If we waited for Old Media to read and pass on traditional manuscripts, we wouldn’t be the active writers that we are.

And so I hope many of you will contribute to our comedy blog-a-thon. Talented, funny, enigmatic Blue Girl has created these fabulous visuals to inspire and entertain us. So all you lurkers, step up to the plate.


kathleenmaher said...

You're so right about newcritics; more often than not, it's a step ahead. And didn't some miraculous playwright once say we're all performing all the time? We're all on stage.