Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger, Pax Vobiscum

In a world where almost nothing shocks anyone, the news of the 28-year-old actor's death has stunned us.

I had no idea he was so young. I watched Brokeback Mountain on HBO just last week, and was again swept away by the depth and magnitude of his performance. How could he be SO knowing about all the extraordinary angles of that role?

As I click around to all the blogs with posts for him, I am chilled by seeing the date, today's date, January 22, 2008. A powerful reminder that we don't know the date of our own death. Only those who remain see that side of the equation of our life.

We don't know what was in his heart and mind today, and whether anything clouded his reason. Nor does anyone know how another carries the gift and burden that is life.

But from the outside, it seemed that this man had everything, except length of days.


Me said...

I clicked on M.A. Peel in the hopes that you had posted something poignant about the shocking loss of such a vivacious, talented, youthful celebrity.
You did.
Thank you.