Sunday, February 3, 2008

Big Blue Re-sil-i-en-cy

I haven’t been to Giants Stadium since my father took me to see Lawrence Taylor play, but if they are in the Super Bowl, I’m with them. I’ve got an uncle who has been betting not inconsiderable sums of money on generations of these guys going back forty years, so it’s in the blood.

I liked the pregame video that showed the key players on each side, meant to capture the spirit and defining character of these very different teams with a vocabulary word. The Giants and their “resiliency” came across as very smart.

The Patriots, on the other hand, got the $10 word of “team work.” They came across as not so bright.

I hope my uncle finally came out with a net gain on his team.

Did Coke and Pepsi agree to split the time? It seemed to me that the first half had only Pepsi commercials, and the second only Coke.

I didn’t like the Pepsi stuff at all. I thought Coke's Macys Thanksgiving Day “It’s Mine” was imaginative and classy, a great meet-up of beloved pop culture icons and classic music, with Charlie Brown coming out the winner!

(photo Jeff Haynes/Reuters)


Me, A said...

M.A., You picked the right one on the commercials. So nice to see Charlie Brown come out on top for a change. It's so much easier to choose a commercial than it is to choose a president!