Friday, April 25, 2008

That's Not Funny

So the universe keeps telling me. I entered 2 comedy-type things this week, and didn't even make it to the semifinals in either.

Ken Levine ran a Komedy Konest, asking everyone to finish this line:

"Danny had such a fear of commitment that he __________."

The winner, voted by the community from 5 finalists, won a signed AfterMash script.

Here's the winning line.

..told his mother he "Wanted to see other moms."

Maybe it's a guy thing, 'cause I don't find that funny at all.

Here was my entry:

"Danny had such a fear of commitment that he wouldn't meet George Clooney for lunch."

Pop over to Ken's to see lots of the other punchlines.

Not yet feeling beaten down by the comedy gods, I entered the New Yorker cartoon contest.

Here's my caption: "Yeah, the Big Guy's on a Spy vs. Spy kick."

Can you believe it wasn't chosen! Who doesn't love Spy vs. Spy? Here are the 3 finalists:

"It just looked so uncool to wear a seat belt in the Batmobile."

"I only got halfway through my deathbed conversion."

"I'm allergic to down."

You can vote for your favorite over at the contest.

All right, universe, I accept your slapdown for now. But me and my funny bone will be back.


Me, A said...

Sorry, I thought the "seeing other Mom's" line was hysterical!

me, a said...

My mother thought it was hysterical, too.

kathleenmaher said...

I liked the "seeing other moms" line, too. But MA, you're a very funny person, win, place, or show.