Wednesday, July 30, 2008

From Variety: Fashionistas Goes Hollywood

Just a little personal note here to say—-WOO HOOOO-—to an old friend, Lynn Messina, on the news that her debut novel, Fashionistas, is being made into a major motion picture!!!

Lynn is a model of perseverance, the one in 1,000 writers who does not rest until they have found themselves a literary agent, and then can continue to deliver books with commercial appeal.

Fashionistas was published in 2003 by Red Dress Ink. It was reviewed as a stronger novel than The Devil Wore Prada, but back then, it was the Devil’s day all the way.

From Variety, “Fashionistas follows a young woman working at a design house who plots to take down her ruthless boss by inventing a fictitious designer.”

The director is Donald Petrie, who directed Mystic Pizza, Miss Congeniality, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

When the film business juggernaut happens to civilians-—those not in the business directly-—it can hopefully offer a bit of the high life with a satisfying end product. Keeping it all in perspective and the anxiety level low, that’s what the friends are for.