Wednesday, August 12, 2009

QQF: This Is Not Your Mother’s Iced Tea

Summer calls for special drinks that speak to all the desires, nostalgia, and sense of well being that the hot, sultry days of the season conjure in the soul.

My exploration for new summer tastes lead me to Tea Forte’s Tea Over Ice Brewing Pitcher. The Forte teas themselves are exquisite as hot beverages. The ones they create for their iced tea set are exotic: raspberry nectar, Ceylon gold, white ginger pear, and pomegranate blackberry. The brewing pitcher is a lovely design of form and function.

The teas are delicious iced straight, but summer looks for cool sparkle. And so I add dark rum to the raspberry and blackberry ones, with a splash of ginger ale, and Riesling to the white ginger pear.

Happiness in a glass.


Jeremy said...

Golly, those sound good, even if I have no source for the teas. I could make my own. Green tea and prosecco is good.

M.A.Peel said...

Ah, prosecco. Now that's a beverage.