Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Birthdays--the Guggenheim, Mr. Monk, Tony Shalhoub, and Me

I’ve always liked the date of my birthday, October 21: 21 has often been a lucky number for me, and October is the best of the autumn months.

But I did not know that I share this date with the actual opening date of the New York Guggenheim Museum on 5th and 89, until I did this Sunday’s NY Times crossword puzzle. It was the answer to the puzzle’s theme, in honor of its birthday. They are giving everyone free admission that day as a gift, among other special b-day offerings.

And it was a nice surprise to see “Happy Birthday, Mr. Monk” making Adrian, and it turns out, Tony Shaloub himself (October 9), more fellow Librans (cf Julie Andrews and Monty Python’s Flying Circus). Natalee throws Mr. Monk a surprise party, and the decorations at the party are fabulous. I've been given one surprise party, it was in college. My BFF said I had to go the music room to help her roommate with some piece of music, and it was a party, a surprise birthday/"Come as your favorite French Existentialist." It was hysterical, everyone was wearing black, and French berets, smoking gauloises, someone had bongos. There were some specific impersonations, like Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. And, it wasn't my actual birthday, it was a week later, so I really was surprised.

Here’s the nicest gift of all for today: The Guggenheim and Mr. Monk are both turning 50, and I’m not!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, O Young One!

blue girl said...

Happy Belated Birthday, M.A.! I hope it was a good one!