Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Bloomsday

This is where I came in to the live reading of excerpts of the novel that changed the 20th century at Symphony Space. The sound of Joyce. There's nothing like it. Stephen Colbert made a cameo and read one of the riffs in Cyclops.

And this year we have the apology from Prime Minister Dave Cameron for Bloody Sunday. I was shocked to see it yesterday. Still processing.

Ulysses: Cyclops
“In Innisfail there lies a land…”
Colum McCann

“The figure seated…”
Stephen Colbert

“And then he starts…”
Alphie McCourt

“Let me, said he…”
Ira Glass

“The fashionable world…”
Charlotte Moore

“Take that in you right hand…”
Niall Burgess

“Will you try another…”
Narrator: Neil Hickey
Bloom: David Margulies
Khris Lewin, Malachy McCourt, Thane Rosenbaum, Peter Quinn, Ivy Austin

“But begob…”
Neil Hickey, Malachy McCourt, Eilin O’Dea, David Margulies, Ciaran O’Reilly, Khris Lewin ,p> “Gob, the devil won’t stop him.”
Neil Hickey, Malachy McCourt, Khris Lewin, Isaiah Sheffer

VI. Homecoming: Ithaca

The Odyssey: Book Twenty-Three, The Great Rooted Bed
“With that thought…”
Narrator: Isaiah Sheffer
Penelope: Lois Smith
Telemachus: Damian Woetzel
Odysseus: David Margulies

Ulysses: Ithaca
“Bloom acts?”
Questions: Rebecca Donner
Answers: George S. Irving

Questions: Frances Scanlon
Answers: Lillo Way

“In what final satisfaction…”
Questions: Lisa Flanagan
Answers: Isaiah Sheffer

VII. Ulysses: Penelope

The complete episode
Molly: Fionnula Flanagan