Monday, September 13, 2010

Reader Appreciation Post

Whenever I need a quick laugh I read through the New Yorker cartoons collected in the New Yorker cartoon bank. This one really made me laugh.

And it reminded me to say ‘thank you’ to you who stop by here and read my posts.

You have many other options for your reading (and flying) pleasure, and I appreciate the time you spend here.

I will try to keep any actual barking to a minimum.


scribbler50 said...

Bark away, we enjoy it!

And I'm with you on The New Yorker cartoons, I have the hardback collection compiled by decade and it never fails to brighten a bad day.

dorki said...

Thanks for the cartoon link.

Your posts on music, arts, and your take on life are always enjoyable. The recent bit about MELT made me think "that is weird" - but then again good art is many times at least a little weird.

M.A.Peel said...

I do love you readerly readers!