Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tumblring Back At You

I'd like to call your attention to a tumblr of the finest order: "This isn't happiness™" by the talented Peteski. His tumblr is a dazzling, poignant, sexy, beautiful, dark collection of photographs that has an enormous following. Peteski describes his work as "an art scrapbook of links more than images, Rated PG-13. Most images seen here have been retouched or manipulated by me for propaganda purposes."

From time to time Peteski links to one of my posts, and he did so last week in the most artful way. He had posted this very "descriptive" photo for Veterans Day, and linked to my post for the day, looking at the fictional character Lord Peter Wimsey whose shell shock is worked into the plot of the mystery. I didn't notice the quiet statement about war in the photo at first, which is part of its power.

Then Peteski recaptioned the photo on his site using a quote from the Wimsey book. And that caption was just perfect for that photo: the soldiers are clearly WWI, from Lord Peter's war, and the character is speaking to Wimsey in such understatement: "What's the damn good of it, Wimsey?" Peteski has an excellent ear as well as eye.

Go enjoy his amazing curated vision of the world. Regardless of his own site subhead, you won't be disappointed.


Peteski said...

Hey thanks El.

ps. Looks like we're not going to Sweden after all.

M.A.Peel said...

It's my pleasure. (Would there had never been a Sweden.)