Saturday, January 1, 2011

Running in the New Year!

It was a lovely night for a run, and so said all 5,600 of us. The Emerald Nuts Midnight Run in Central Park is one of New York's lesser-known gatherings. We may look like those crazy people in Time Square at the start, but at the stroke of midnight we are underway to fly as fast or as slow as our legs will go.

The night feels very special in the park, as the NY Road Runners takes over the highways and biways. The race starts on the 72 street transverse, goes up the east side to 102 st transverse, then down the west side back to 72 street. The views are dramatic for much of the run; I felt entirely indebted, again, to Olmstead and Vaux and their brilliant vision for the park. What they didn't image is the scope of the illuminated skyscraper skyline that would rise above their trees, symbols of the energy and imagination that is the best of New York.

With fireworks overhead, the ragtag assembly of costumed runners, casual runners, real runners, enjoys the experience together, cheered on by spectators who take a break from parties nearby to cheer and wave on the throng.

There is no better way to shake off the cares of the old year than to sweat them out of you and enjoy the visceral sensation of letting go.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Jeremy said...

I had no idea such a thing took place. What a way to ring in the new. Good luck in 2011; looking forward to lots more good posts.

M.A.Peel said...

Thanks Jeremy. The new year is like one big blank blog. Who knows what will be written? Happy New Year to you too!

dorki said...

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