Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mother/Daughter Birthdays & End of Days

I first saw little pamphlets in Penn Station months ago with the headline May 21. 2011 JUDGMENT DAY. This caught my attention because May 21 is my mom’s birthday. The pamphlet made no sense whatsoever. I thought there would be some clear text about why judgment day was this May 21, but instead it was a string of Bible verses, New and Old Testament, which did not connect the dots to this specific day. It was published by Family Radio Assocation, Harold Camping’s outfit.

Wiki does “show the math” on how Camping arrived at May 21.

Turns out that Camping’s fuller vision is this: The Rapture is on May 21, when the believers are assumed into Heaven with no warning, in the middle of whatever they are doing (see video below for some tips about that). Then God will torture the world for 5 months, and the End of Days comes on October 21. Hmm. That’s my birthday.

I sense there’s a screenplay in here somewhere. The mother/daughter team whose entrances to Earth on these specific, Harold Camping-divined days become the portals through which the messengers of the other God who is not destroying the Earth come to try to mitigate some of the craziness. I have vague visions of Travolta’s archangel Michael and Keanu’s John Constantine being part of the action.

Speaking of films, I am a big fan of Michael Tolkin’s film The Rapture. The ending, which I won’t spoil, is one of the most haunting of all time for me. (I wonder if Tolkin knew about Duchovny's addiction when he cast him?) I do occasionally see that final image in my head . . .

Here’s a funny video, via Andrew Sullivan, with some helpful tips. See you all on Sunday.


dorki said...

Thanks for the insight into the timing of The Rupture. My first thought was that it would happen all at once based on UTC time (or GMT as the BBC states it). But on further thought I realized that it might cause a severe traffic jam in the airspace and endanger air traffic.

I still am in doubt over time-zone phasing (since that is a political artifact) with the complication that in the US we are on Daylight Saving time (except for Arizona). Possibly the enRupturing of the Blessed would be based on solar time with the only question being the increment of time required to obtain the entire body of a person as opposed to just parts (very messy). Probably Gabriel has this figured out, likely the body of each of the Blessed is considered a quantum particle and will be taken whole.

This portends to be a truly Heavenly operation. Likely Michael would serve as Air Traffic Control, and Gabriel would serve Tarmac Traffic Control and well as master Quantum Mechanic.

M.A.Peel said...

hi dorki. Well, maybe next time it will all come together . . .