Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Madness Parties On @Paley Center

I helped to throw the day job's Mad Men season premiere viewing party last Sunday. It was a smash success because it rode the wave of Mad-ness that viewer's have for Don Draper and associates. The combination of the sixties universe, great writing, and the ever-compelling, good-looking cast has made Mad Men that most enviable of series: event TV.

We didn't know that the premiere itself would focus on a party at the Drapers, and ours did not have a Zou Bisou Bisou number, but the party grooved before the screening—-complete with candy cigarettes, a special Maker's Mark cocktail, and red carpet photos with the cast—-and watching it as a group was a lot of fun. We also treated people to commercials from 1966 instead of the current ones.

For more photos pop over to the Paley Center NY Facebook page.