Saturday, July 28, 2012

Team USA, London2012

The opening ceremony was an extravaganza that revealed much of the Anglo-Saxon soul, from its love of a boy soprano singing "Jerusalem," to the pagan bonfire of the lit cauldron.

The American commentary was uniformly dreadful. During the healthcare/children's literature scene: "These kids don't look too sick," and just too many other lines to quote. I choose not to think about that right now.

I am a fan of the US uniforms, although the China manufacturing is UNFORGIVABLE.

The berets look better on the athletes than they did in the renderings and on the models. Love the longer skirts on the women, and the white socks and sneakers.

For context (yes, a jab at NBC's decision not to livestream opening ceremony) photos from Games past, from a great slideshow over at Sports Illustrated, with vintage photos of Olympic fashion through the years. All credits over there.