Monday, March 11, 2013

How to Become Pope: Our Friends at CGP Grey Help Out Again

The guys who explain a brief history of Santa, what the differences are between England, Britain, and the United Kingdom, and why the penny has to go,  explain the process for electing a pope just in time to help us out.  It's funny as usual, clear & informative, and very respectful, which might not have been the case, considering how much subtext they could have added alluding to the sins of the bishops/cardinals in the child abuse.

They point out that any male Catholic in good standing, technically, can be pope, since nothing is written down. One could say having a leader come from outside the corrupt system might be too radical.

Oh, but wait. We had a pope RESIGN in the MIDDLE OF LENT.  Radical doesn't seem to be an issue any more.

Get Back to Basics
Jesus chose Peter, "on this rock I will build my church." The Peter who denied him three times after he was arrested, when the serving girl and the Romans recognized him as a disciple "This fellow is one of them." That next moment, when Jesus' eyes meet Peter's, has been captured in art throughout the centuries (one instance here in Saint Peter's Worse Day.)

So we know, categorically, from the beginning, that popes are flawed. But Peter had a great love of Jesus, and of helping people find that love in their own lives. We need to get back to that. The Holy Spirit is supposed to guide these conclaves. . . .

OK Grey guys, now we need a video "How the Holy Spirit Works."