Sunday, April 7, 2013

Season 6 of Mad Man: Teasing Images

My original 2013 post: The community comes back together at 9:00 pm ET as Don Draper and his circle re-enter our pop culture present. Images have been stacking up in my mind.

We've been teased by a poster of two Dons, going in opposite directions. One Don is holding the hand of some woman in a swinging sixties gown or peignoir; the other Don is holding a briefcase.

The illustrator is the 75-old-old Brian Sanders, who had that sixties-era that I vaguely associate with Pan Am and early I-Hop. So he's the real thing.

As is Cary Grant, and Roger Thornhill, seen in a still from North by Northwest above and could be the actual model for the poster, who in a matter of speaking, the original falling mad man.

I don't know what it all means . . . . Yet.

Updated 5/11/15, after The Milk and Honey Route.

Kudos to Michael Beschloss for tweeting this still during the penultimate Mad Men episode, The Milk and Honey Route. The original Mad Man, Roger Thornhill, again.