Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Q.Q.F. File: Paging Thomas Crown

Q.Q.F. is that US Helicopter now offers service from the Downtown Heliport (near Wall Street) to Newark Liberty International Airport. It isn’t just for moguls, really.

And the benefit isn’t just that you beat the airport traffic by flying over it (total time to Newark: 7 minutes). It’s that you check in and go through security at the heliport.

When the copter touches down, you are whisked by shuttle bus to terminal C71—-and enter through a back door. If you have to travel on a crazy, high-volume day, being able to by-pass the long check-in line, and the even longer security line, at the airport might be worth the copter cost ($159).

They also have service to JFK, and I hear that their service from the 34th street heliport (which is much cheaper than the other services from there) is beginning in midJanuary.


Tim Footman said...

The first time I visited New York was July '86, when Reagan unveiled the Statue of Liberty after its renovation. I took the helicopter from LaGuardia to Newark (from where I was flying back to London). We went several times round the top of the Statue, which gleamed in the summer sun; the woman sitting next to me said "I preferred the scaffolding."