Sunday, June 7, 2009

btw, NPH Rocks

“I’m tv. They’re movies.”

Ah, the Tonys. Living in New York I sometimes think I should go see more theater than I do. But the artifice of its storytelling doesn’t resonant with me as deeply as film does.

Or tv, for that matter. What I love about episodic television is that it brings plays into my home weekly. Neil Patrick Harris is on a clever little show called How I Met Your Mother. He and his colleagues must learn a new play every week for 26 weeks (or so). They have to not only enact the specific episode, but be aware of character development over time.

Sure theater actors perform live, but that’s not so difficult. So do classical musicians, opera performers, and rock stars.

The Billie Elliot kids were genuinely charming.

There are performers who are worth going to see in person. For me one is Angela Lansbury. What an amazing career. It’s surprising that she has never won an Oscar (nominated for her very first film, Gaslight, and The Picture of Dorian Grey, and Manchurian Candidate), or an Emmy. She was nominated for 12 consecutive years for playing Jessica Fletcher, and never won. But on stage, she has now won five Tonys. Brava!!

I liked NPH's 11:00 number at 11:03, but then I’m a Neil Patrick Harris fan. I think he did a good job as host. I loved his Dr. Horrible, where we got to see him sing and dance, and if it ever comes to Broadway, well, I’d go to see him.

(Tony photos Sara Krulwich/New York Times)