Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter, then On the Road to China

After the suffering of Good Friday comes the glory of Easter Sunday (unless you’re Martin Scoresese, who likes to stay back at Good Friday).

And then Easter Monday, which is a holiday in much of Europe, will see me on The Road to China with my BFF, whom you know as Eloise. We are going to Chongqing (sometimes called 'Little Manhattan' because of its skyline from the Yangtze River) on a business visa at the behest of the Swedish Embassy in Beijing on a freelance assignment from Eloise’s husband, the Dashing Swede. We will be working at the Swedish pavilion at a high tech fair in Chongqing to represent the Swede’s company. Since I speak neither Swedish nor Chinese, I intend to smile and nod a lot.

So there will be a bit of a blog break here. Hope you’ll come back in 2 weeks or so to read about some of our adventures. If technology and the Chinese government let me, I'm going to tweet throughout the trip, so please join me on Twitter.

再见 (zàijiàn, see ya)