Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Re-entry to Manhattan

My trip to Mainland China was the veritable whirlwind of experiences: exotic, exhausting, and very uplifting. It will take some time to write about.

Thanks to Blue Girl and the Scribbler, re-entry to my own beloved city was at Elaine’s as our group of blogroll friends gathered since BG was in town. I had barely slept during the past 48 hours of traveling, so I couldn’t stay long, but it was a blast to meet Brenda and the F Word and see Siobahn of In the Next Apartment and Scribbler for the first time, as well as old friends Lance Mannion, The Self-Styled Siren, The Heretic, and the spiritual godfather of blogs, James Wolcott. In Elaine’s I felt the power of Woody Allen’s great valentine to the city as we transformed into beautiful black and white, complete with a Gershwin soundtrack.

Hopefully this kind of hallucinating is simply a symptom of severe sleep deprivation. Must get my sleep patterns under control. Be back in a bit.


scribbler50 said...

It really was a wonderful night and a joy to finally meet you in person, M.A.. The Algonquin had it's Round Table and last night Elaine's, thanks to you guys.... well you get the picture.

Hope you got lots of rest last night to reset your body clock!

M.A.Peel said...

Hi Scrib, it was a nice evening. Let's do it again when we can talk more! Haven't been able to reset the clock yet.

kathleenmaher said...

Sorry, it took me so long to get the message, M.A.
But it really was wonderful to see you. China must have done well by you, you looked especially sparkling--or maybe Elaine's is your ideal milieu.

M.A.Peel said...

Thanks Kathleen. I think I had the "vacation glow," which I try to hang on to as long as I can!

Michael said...

Welcome back, M.A.! I can't wait to read about your adventures in China!