Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Twin Peaks Got Me LOST For Life

The Man From another Place: [talking backwards; subtitled]

“She's filled with secrets. Where we're from, the birds sing a pretty song and there's always music in the air.”

I am not a Lostie. I looked in on the pilot in 2004, but it didn’t suck me in. Then when reports started surfacing that it was something very smart and different on tv, I was afraid to get close.

Why? Because I had suffered the complete heartache of Twin Peaks, and I was never going to let a tv show do that to me again.

Oh, I was very young and impressionable back them. How cool was the enigmatic Agent Cooper drifting into the red room in the Black Lodge where the dwarf in red speaks backwards and dances to a 1940s jazz riff.

It was cool, but I also believed that it would mean something. That there would be some satisfying narrative partnered to the cool that would leave that magical feeling that only special narrative brings to the human soul. Hard to describe, but you know it when you read it or see it.

Instead, as Wiki so clearly states it, “The series never made clear The Man's reasons for wanting to help Cooper, or his true identity.”

And that was the least of it. I don’t remember the details, but I remember the extreme disappointment that none of the resolutions were as interesting or imaginative as the set ups, nor as ideas my friends and I had come up with.

Then came The X-Files. I let myself become involved again, even though I was older and knew better. The results are still too raw to talk about that.

The Last Days of LOST

So I didn’t take the plunge with the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. But I do love the passion of the Lost fans, so I’m participating in the finale.

I’ll be live blogging the Last Lost Celebration at the Paley Center in NY on Saturday from 2 to 5, including the all-star panel of great Lost thinkers, including Alan Sepinwall and Time's James Poniewozik

Join us on Twitter.

LOST Fans, Keep Your Cameras/Cell Phone in Hand All Night

The Paley Center wants to document the fans’ finale experience. Take pictures of your own viewing parties, your own tv-islands, reaction shots as things are revealed, emotional outbursts, etc. and send them to us. We’ll post them the next day so that the whole Lost fan community can take a bow.