Thursday, September 27, 2007

L.B. Jefferies Live Blogs Mad Men Tonight

Last Thursday was the great Mad Men fake out, when AMC unnecessarily reran episode 5. So I'm still in the catbird seat over at newcritics tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET.

My intro essay last week (scroll down under the detective teams) referenced Leave Her to Heaven. I'm afraid tonight it is Rear Window--call me Jefferies. I fractured my ankle last night running, then tripping, flying and falling, enroute to the #1 train. I don't have a wheel chair, although that would make things easier.

My wrists are bruised, but not my fingers, and so far, not my sense of humor. See you tonight over at newcritics.


Claire said...

I'm sorry to here of your accident! I'd send you a telescopic lens, if I had one lying around. Heal! And take it easy.

Me! Annette! said...

Yes! Heal, sit, and stay!

Hmmmm...Who would be the male version of Grace Kelley? Oh, yeah! Bing Crosby!

Interestingly, Wendell Corey played Det. Lt. Thomas J. Doyle.

Something to think about...hmmmm...

blue girl said...

I'm sorry about your ankle, MA. Oh my. That had to hurt.

The whole tripping, flying and falling thing...yikes.

Feel better. Keep us updated.

Kevin Wolf said...

Oh, my. I hope you're already on the mend.

I suspect that one day I'll manage to do the same to myself here on the Boston T.

M.A.Peel said...

Many thanks everyone.

The ER doc said that peak swelling isn't until 48 hours after impact, so things for the moment are still getting worse, not better. If this had happened in the dark ages, BB (before blogs), I wouldn't have your sites to visit to keep my mind off things. There are infinite positive benefits to blogging--so glad you're all out there, sharing your own creativity.

tristan said...

Sorry M.A.,
It's that miserable #1's fault. BTW: L.B. Jeffries lived on West Ninth St.
between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. (Useless point of information) I have some extra Ambien if you can't sleep.
Also lame: Mad men.

Mr. Peel said...

Mrs. Peel--

Very sorry to hear about your ankle. Unfortunately, I think very few courtyards are as interesting as the one that L.B. Jefferies had in front of him. Just be careful back there. Get well soon.

--Mr. Peel