Saturday, September 15, 2007

TV Notes

Chuck and Triple Chuck.

The O.C. creator Josh Schwartz likes the name Chuck. He has an NBC pilot called Chuck, and a new series on the CW called The Gossip Girl that has a character named Chuck.

I’ll definitely watch the NBC one, hoping to maybe learn what the hell the "Anvil Chorus" is doing in the promo.

Not to be outdone, the go-to Mozart Requiem "Lacrymosa" is in the Cane promo. Is classical music making a surreptitious comeback on prime-time tv? Can a resurrection of The Bell Telephone Hour be far behind?

Update: its seems that Schwartz was just keying in to something in the zeitgeist--there is a Dane Cook/Jessica Alba flick coming out called Good Luck Chuck. This is a lot of attention on one name in a compressed amount of time. Hmm.


The Emmys are this Sunday. The Sopranos will be together for the very last time. It may be the only reason to tune in.

James Gandolfini had better walk off with that Best Actor statue. As Dennis Leary said at the recent nominee swag party, 'I just think he's the greatest character in the history of television.'' I agree. No other character has been so richly, deeply given life by any other actor, and sustained over time in numerous subtle and larger-than-life ways. What is the Emmy, if not to recognize truly extraordinary work.

Alan Sepinwall has his very funny "I watch the Emmys so you don't have to" line, but hopefully Sunday will be worth watching to see the fitting final closure to the life of Tony Soprano.

The snub to Deadwood, and to Ian McShane's Swearengen in particular (the only character who comes close to Tony Soprano), is one of those things that reinforces how miserable the award process really is. But in a post-lapsarian world, it's not surprising.