Thursday, April 5, 2007

As I Was Walking to St. Ives . . .

Well, not really to St. Ives. And there were no seven men, or wives, cats, sacks, or kits. But I have been walking around town alot lately, to get in shape for an upcoming walking tour of the Italian Lake District in July.

On Sunday morning I walked north on Broadway, and near Columbus Circle I passed the Reverend Al Sharpton and his entourage. He is shorter and trimmer than on tv. About twenty blocks later, I passed Lou Reed, walking South by himself. It was like passing a black hole of intensity and energy.

The next day, walking from subway in the morning, I passed Anne Meara, wearing huge black sunglasses. But that voice is unmaskable.

I do love this town.

And in honor of seeing Lou Reed on the Upper West Side on Sunday morning, here is an early video from The Velvet Underground of their Sunday Morning.


blue girl said...

Seeing Lou Reed on a Sunday morning on the Upper West Side. Now, that *is* pretty cool.

I saw Meg Ryan once walking down Fifth Ave.

Saw Robert Shapiro in Central Park. (Not that great of a spotting.)

Drank a glass of wine next to Billy Bob Thornton down in Soho once.

Ate breakfast next to Paul Whathisname from Letterman on the Upper West Side one Sunday morning.

Saw Rosanne Barr near Columbus Circle years back.

Not one of my spotting's as good as Lou. I got a kick out of passing Meg Ryan. She's a doll.

I love that town, too. I miss it.

blue girl said...

Oooh. I forgot my best one. Ate breakfast a few tables away from Sam Shepard at a little French bistro down in the Village a couple of years ago. It was Thanksgiving morning. He was alone, reading the paper. Gorgeous.

Tim Footman said...

I think I know the VU clip you mean. But I can't play it because the Thai govt has blocked access to YouTube. Sigh.

M.A.Peel said...

BG--you really should write a short story around that Sam Shepard/thanksgiving morning/French bistro Village story. It has so much potential.

Tim, how do you LIVE without YouTube? No kidding--when are you moving?