Monday, April 2, 2007

Meet La Bella Shelley

Shelley, a blogger who runs At Home in Rome, is a real life, honest to God, urban legend. She went to Rome for a month break inbetween jobs, met Alessandro the first day she was there, and she and her Italian are now on their honeymoon. Wow.

I landed on At Home in Rome last year via Andrew Sullivan, who linked to Shelley’s musing on gorgeous priests of the Vatican calendar she had seen around town. I go back because she notices many interesting and arcane things in her adopted city, and has interesting things to say about them, along with gorgeous photographs.

While she is on her honeymoon for the month of April, she has posted an alphabeth’s worth of links from her blog circle and beyond, all about Italy. No need for that 8-hour flight to commune with the very special people and way of the life that is Italy—-just go see her “La Mia Italia” fest. Not surprising, many entries are about food ! There are lots of tips about great trattorias and not-to-miss wine bars from expats and natives who know. She is also running a contest for the "favorite post"--with prizes. I sent her my Cadfael Italy stories. Surely no picture of Italy is complete without a view of Rome, Tuscany, and Elba with a Benedictine monk.